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EMC Insurance Companies

We have enjoyed working with you over the past year on the many projects that have been successfully completed by InfraLytiks. Your Machine-Learning applications for both satellite and drone-based images have saved an enormous amount of time classifying buildings, identifying defects and generating PDF reports for our customers.

The use of applications and systems, instead of the traditional manual methods, have allowed us to greatly improve the efficiency of certain operations via automation. We find this partnership to be very beneficial and look forward to building new applications using your team!

Note: We typically assume that anyone talking about machine learning can actually deliver about 50% of what they claim and 50% is what they hope to be able to do. But you guys really deliver the 100%!

Ian Asplund
SVP—Chief Analytics Officer, EMC Insurance Companies
Engineering Company

We are the largest survey and mapping company in the U.S. and engaged InfraLytiks on an UAS Aerial Image-Based Machine-Learning initative.

Their ML models have enabled us to be incredibly efficient working with remotely sensed data sets utilized for inspections. This team is efficient, delivers on time and on budget and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Aerial Surveyor
Vice President
Leading Renewable Energy Company

We are very satisfied with the results you have delivered to date regarding satellite-based machine learning software projects to detect objects of interest in large areas on a user-friendly web-based UI to automate the project planning processes. After the technology transfer, we have found a time savings of over 85%. We are impressed with the cost and quality of your final products and looking forward to more projects with your team! Thank you and your team for your efforts and rapid delivery of such high-quality work!