Making Drone Data Meaningful

We Collect, Analyze and Visualize your drone data!

We specialize in:
Data Analytics and Software Platforms

– InfraVieu – Our Proprietary Data Analytics & Visualization Platform

– InfraDrone – Our App for Drone Pilots & Clients

– Multispectral Data Processing

– HD Images, Thermography & LiDAR



Our Data Analytics
and Visualization Platform

– Web Based Platform

– Data Manipulation Tools

– Multi-Spectral Data Analysis

– ML & AI based Analytics



Our App for Drone
Pilots & Clients

– Cross-Platform Application

– Google Play Store – Apple Store – Web

– Professional Drone Pilot Network

– Basic – PRO – Enterprise Versions Available

– Interface with

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Drone Scanning Includes

– 3D Geo-Mapping

– HD Visual Inspection

– Penetrating InfraRed Thermography

– 3D LiDAR Scans


Primary Applications

Oil & Gas