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Machine Learning & AI for complex multi-spectral & multi-dimensional data
We collect process, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources
Our custom developed approaches bring quality and consistency to your analysis

Our Platforms &

& Expertise

Complex Multi-
Spectral and Multi-
Dimensional Data
  • HD Imagery
  • 3D Models
  • Orthomosaics
  • IR Thermal Imagery
  • LiDAR Models
Data Sources
  • Satellite
  • Aircraft
  • Helicopter
  • Drone
  • Vehicle
  • Hand Held

Each data collection method has strengths and weaknesses. InfraLytiks team of engineers has done the research to be able to provide recommendations based on your particular needs and data usage.  

Clients are encouraged to collect their own data or InfraLytiks can arrange for data collection through one of our networks of pilots.  We do everything we can to keep the process efficient for our clients.

Our custom machine learning and data analytics are used primarily to process huge amounts of data in order to pull out the characteristics relevant to each particular client—image-based and text-based.

We are amazed at the amount of work in the area of image analysis being completed manually. Our automated approaches bring quality, consistency, efficiency and professionalism to the analysis and reporting process.

When to Utilize

When working with large amounts of data and performing repetitive operations.
When accurate image-based inspection data analysis and reporting is needed.
When dimensional or volume analysis is needed, especially for buildings or sites that are large or hard-to-reach/measure.
When you need analysis that goes beyond the visual spectrum, such as Thermal and LiDAR analytics.
When you’re looking to automate a process based on images or video.
When you’re looking for Engineering-Grade tools and data analysis at an affordable prices based on our efficiency in developing software.