Visualization of the Data

3D “Fly-Around” Model of Structures: We provide a full 3-dimensional model to manipulate and view on any computer with an internet connection.
3D Model Dimensioning: Our 3D models also contain accurate dimensions that can be measured directly on the web portal.
3D Model Annotations: Adding notes to models had never been easier! Choose any point on your 3D model to add a note to. Users can read the annotations, edit if needed and send via email to others.
Orthomosaic Model: The orthomosaic model is a current top-down view of your scan site. This view has been orthorectified to provide a highly accurate view.
Thermal Model: We provide a thermal model to highlight thermal anomalies, greatly improving the effectiveness of data analysis. This model can be manipulated and analyzed further with additional thermal imagery and thermal tools.
Digital Elevation Model: The digital elevation model (DEM) contains height based information along with dimensional information. We generate high quality digital elevation models that can be used for flood modeling, dimensioning, and more
Image Processing: We provide proprietary image processing techniques to enhance what the user sees when viewing data through the portal. The edge detection filter (EDF) enhances any cracks or punctures while the depth enhancement filter (DEF) highlights any dents, divots, folds, etc.
Share Models: Sharing your data with clients has never been easier! Click the “share link” button in the portal and share your fully annotated 3D model to any necessary parties. Restrict the sharing to only certain portions of the portal as needed.
Access to the InfraDrone portal and functionality: Access to the InfraDrone portal is simple. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and login information (which we will provide). Sign into the portal and explore!
Report of Findings for Each Site: For each site that is processed, a report is created that contains the major points of interest for the location. This is easily shareable and printable as well. Reports are reviewed and managed by a PhD level engineer.
3D Model
3D Model Dimensioning
3D Model Annotation
Digital Elevation Model
Thermal Orthomosaic
InfraDrone Web Portal