Primary Applications

Insurance—Underwriting/Claims for Ag/Commercial: Our technology is perfect for automation of insurance inspections. Whether it is for underwriting or claims, InfraDrone provides a variety of features tailored to fit the needs of the insurance market. This includes automatic defect detection, automatic building detection, measurement data, and report generation.

Inspection of:

Bridges: InfraDrone can safely inspect transportation infrastructure, such as bridges, with relative ease and efficiency when compared to traditional methods. Our defect detection and machine learning is constantly improving to provide bridge consultants with the information they need to make decisions.
Buildings: InfraDrone safely inspects commercial buildings and processes the data in a short amount of time. Our processes include 3D model generation, HD defect detection, and infrared thermography. These are all helpful in determining the condition of a commercial structure.
Wind Turbines: We inspect wind turbines in a more efficient and far safer manner than traditional inspections. The data collected is processed using our proprietary algorithms which help to make actionable decisions while being faster and more cost effective that traditional methods.
Oil & Gas: InfraDrone is capable of providing detailed asset integrity management of O&G infrastructure using its proprietary multi-tiered APA system. We are capable of performing highly accurate inspection and analysis of tank farms, oil jetties, tanks, pipelines, process plants, chimneys, tall columns & towers for both onshore and offshore platforms. Resulting in the creation of detailed & accurate 3D modeling, thermal hotspot detection & corrosion and erosion detection using machine learning based AI.
Utilities: InfraDrone uses infrared thermography processing to detect hotspots in electrical scenarios such as power substations or long stretches of power lines.
Construction: InfraDrone provides the ability to record, analyze, and present data both effectively and efficiently. We provide digital elevation models, 3D models, orthomosaics, measurement information, and more. The data can be gathered by you or by us.

Surveys of:

Land: Large scale surveys are processed using our LiDAR technology, which provides very accurate dimensional data over a large area.

Flood Zones: Using digital elevation models (DEMs), flood modeling is one of the many features that are available using the InfraDrone web portal.

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Commercial Building Inspection
Bridge Inspection
Wind Turbine Inspection