Aerial imagery collected by UAVs can be leveraged in the insurance industry at virtually every stage. Inspections can be automated, increasing safety and saving time and money. InfraLytiks has the high-performance equipment needed to gather massive amounts of data, and our experienced team can analyze and present the data so your sales, claims, and underwriting teams can move forward quickly and efficiently. Visit our capabilities pages to see how InfraLytiks can change the way insurance carriers do business with:

3D Geo-Mapping

Once cost-prohibitive, 3D geo-mapping is now an option for projects of any scale in a variety of industries.

HD Inspection & Defect Detection

Use a DSLR camera to capture high-def images of an area/structure to complete a visual inspection.

Penetrating Infrared Thermography

Mounted on our UAVs, our cutting-edge thermal-imaging equipment collects heat as a form of data.

LiDAR: Light Detection & Ranging

Using lasers to send out pulses which bounce back, allowing us to measure the distance from the optical source to the target.


  • Assess crop loss and damage after fire, wind, water, and hail events
  • Assess commercial property after loss events
  • Provide support for underwriting valuations of buildings based on defect analyses


  • Perform roof inspections after hail and wind damage
  • Assess property damage after flooding or tornadoes