As our infrastructure ages, civil structural health monitoring—tracking and analyzing the capacity of a structure to serve its intended purpose—becomes paramount to public safety. Data gathering via unmanned aerial vehicles—drones—can be a key component of infrastructure repair programs, providing data that ensures issues are addressed in a way that prioritizes public safety and maximizes tax dollars.

InfraLytiks helps keep the roads safe by ensuring that when you put your car on the road, the road is ready for you. Bridges, roads, railways, you name it, InfraLytiks makes sure it is safe.– Tyler Carter, COO & CFO

How our Capabilities benefit the Infrastructure Industry

3D Geo-Mapping

Create 3D models of bridges and roadways that include baseline and time-lapse overlays to assess the impact of time on the structure.


HD Visual Inspection & Defect Detection

Collect high-definition photos for visual defect detection and inspection of bridges and roads.


Penetrating Infrared Thermography

Scan and build thermal heat-loss maps for buildings.




Reveal ruts and potholes in roads. Create sight, distance, and slope/ grade models. Scan bridges for warping, cracks, and other defects.


Let's Compare...

Standard Bridge Inspection

  • Takes approximately 32 hours to complete

  • Requires about 4 inspectors

  • Includes dangerous manual inspection using aerial work platforms or under-bridge inspection vehicles with ladders or rope access

  • Will likely involve lane closures

  • Costs $$$$

InfraLytiks Bridge Inspection

  • Takes approximately 16 hours to complete

  • Requires 2 certified pilots

  • Is conducted from a base station at a safe location on the ground

  • Does not impact traffic

  • Costs $$$