Machine Learning: InfraDrone uses proprietary machine learning to build defect-detection and anomaly-detection models based on sample inputs, which then allows our systems to recognize various types of defects and conditions of importance to our clients.  Through machine learning, our software engineers train our computers to recognize “Points-of-Concern” based on known issues and further definition by our clients.  Machine learning is applied to HD visual, thermography and LiDAR data.  Drones can collect massive amounts of data and machine learning algorithms are the only practical way to pull out the information of interest and present a simplified visual presentation and report of findings based on the data.  We regularly conduct beta tests for prospective client to demonstrate how machine learning is applied first-hand. We would be happy to show you a demo.
Defect & Anomaly Detection: InfraDrone can identify a wide range of defects and anomalies automatically and then classify them  using proprietary machine learning algorithms. Defect detection can be customized for each client to best fit their needs.
Visual, Thermal & LiDAR Data: InfraDrone has the ability to collect and analyze data across a range of tiers including to provide 3D Geo-Mapping, HD Visual Inspection, Penetrating Infrared Thermography and LiDAR scans. Significant data can then be extracted using proprietary algorithms and displaying the results on our web portal. We offer a complete demo of these processes.
Exterior & Interior Scanning: InfraDrone works with clients to fulfill their data analytics needs and can take a variety of inputs for our proprietary algorithms, whether interior or exterior. Data can be gathered by you or by us.
Your Drones & Cameras or Ours: We are a data analytics and machine learning company specializing in data gathered by drones. If you choose, you can provide the raw data from your drones, or we can fly our drones for you. If you have your own pilots, feel free to send your data our way! Our pilots are FAA licensed and highly trained for any task. We can also provide training and insights to your pilots for how to capture the highest quality of data based on automated flight plans, optimal heights and angles of flight.
Actionable Data Models & Visualization: Our web portal allows users to access their data in an efficient and convenient manner. We provide a wide range of visualization tools to extract the exact information you need, saving you time and money! Contact us for a demo of the web portal and tools available–even if you fly your own drones.
Machine Learning Structure Detection
Cracking on Commercial Roof
Building Defect Detection