Drone Scanning May Include

3D Geo-Mapping: InfraDrone provides fully manipulatable & versatile 3D models that are highly photorealistic. These 3D models also help in identifying the locations of major defects in the area. Our web portal allows for our high-accuracy 3D models to be measured with distances, areas, and volumes.
HD Visual Inspection: InfraDrone takes data a step further with high definition visual inspections. We process images through our machine learning and filtering algorithms to extract defects such as cracks, corrosion, dents, and other anomalies particular to each client. We have a variety of visualization tools available that help you see changes and identify changes occurring over time!
Penetrating Infrared Thermography: InfraDrone uses infrared thermography to find what the human eye can’t see. Infrared thermography helps find cracks, holes, leaks, insulation defects, overheating, and many other “Issues of Concern” that make a particular area stand out from surrounding areas. InfraDrone provides a thermal viewing tool that allows for temperature adjustments based on emissivity, which provides an extremely accurate temperature as an output.
3D LiDAR Scans: InfraDrone uses LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging scans) to gather extremely accurate geometric 3D data in the form of a point cloud. This data is very useful for large-scale surveying, infrastructure virtual models, and accurate measurements.
3D Geo-Mapping
HD Visual Inspection
Penetrating Infrared Thermography
3D LiDAR Scan