– Cross-Platform Application

– Google Play Store – Apple Store – Web

– Professional Drone Pilot Network

– Basic – PRO – Enterprise Versions Available

– Interface with

Client Features

Highly interactive application that allows client users to:

– Get drone data from pilots across the nation

– View data securely & complete transactions

– Different level of client users based on company size & needs

Client Features

– Interactive map showing restricted flight zones and your task

– Upload tasks for pilots in area to perform and send data to your

– Complete transactions and view results on the App

Client Features

– Add and edit tasks on interactive map

– View multiple offers from pilots and assign tasks

– Chat with pilots using in-app texting

Client Features

– Set profile – personal details, company details and payment details.

– Add topics and interact with members on the Forum

– Technical Support via in-app calling & messaging

Pilot Features

Alerts you of tasks in your area

Set your custom tasks alert radius

Track your:

-New Tasks

-Active taskss

-Previous tasks

-Pending Transactions

-New Task Alerts

Pilot Features

– View task descriptions and bid for tasks with clients.

– Pilot planner tools for weather monitoring, flight timer and payment transaction monitoring

– Restricted flight areas on map based on FAA regulations

Pilot Features

Pilot planner tools:

– Inventory Lists

– Group inventory items into custom kits

– Accident Recording & Flight Log Notes

Advantages to Clients:

– No full-time pilot cost, training costs or hardware costs

– Quick and easy drone based data collection

– Convenient platform view data & pay pilots securely

– Prices can be negotiated with pilots in different areas

Advantages to Pilots:

– Pilots can utilize their skills for experience & income

– Access to tasks uploaded in an area

– Pilots bid for jobs & tasks in their area-

– Pilots can use in-app tools for flight planning & profile management